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FAIR, made easy.

FAIR Solutions is a pioneer in open source FAIR products and services that empower organisations to maximise the (re)use and value of their data. We make FAIR easy to implement and adopt.


Maximise the (re)use and value of your data

We will help you achieve the benefits of FAIR data with minimal impact to your organisation by leveraging ready-to-use technologies and cloud services, a proven implementation approach and eLearning-supported onboarding

Machine Actionable

We enable machines to understand what is in a data set. We have world-leading experts in creating this machine-readable ‘language’.

Data Visiting

Data stays where it is and machines visit it with information requests. You decide what answer you give (not just 'hand over' the data).


Our platform is a proxy on top of your existing infrastructure. Our cloud service can get you up and running very quickly. 

Maximise the impact of your data and minimise IT operations costs

Privacy by design with  minimal risk exposure of your data

Low investment and gradual roll-out of FAIR capability

Ready-to-use FAIR Data Point

We have an operational, open source FAIR Data Point that can be deployed in your environment quickly and is also available as a cloud service. The implementation is non-invasive and we get you up and running quickly.

Fit-for-purpose implementation

We collaborate closely to create a FAIR implementation that fits your situation. We start by listening to your needs and requirements and then help you decide where to add the appropriate level of FAIR enabling capability

All-included onboarding

Adopting FAIR goes beyond technology. Getting people involved is essential: from business and IT to end users. We enable your entire organisation to become FAIR-minded using a proven, eLearning-powered onboarding approach.


We have an extensive eLearning environment which significantly speeds up the learning curve on FAIR. It provides a wide range of training from introductory to advanced modules for people using, managing or implementing FAIR. 

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