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FAIR Solutions

FAIR Solutions is a leading provider of FAIR products and services that enable organisations to fundamentally increase the findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability of their data.  We support the FAIR Principles and fully adhere to the GO FAIR recommended implementation choices.

“FAIR Solutions was founded by people who were all heavily involved in defining the FAIR Principles. Only a handful of service providers currently have the knowledge and experience to design and develop a truly FAIR end to end system environment. We highly recommend FAIR Solutions for any project that requires FAIR technical consultancy, development or support services.”

Bert Meerman, Director GO FAIR Foundation


FAIR Data Point (FDP) - Make your data findable either within your organisation or to the outside world. Expose the metadata describing your data and allow others to discover their properties.

VODAN COVID-19 FDP - A ‘COVID-19-ready’ FDP, developed for the VODAN (Virus Outbreak Data Access Network), with preconfigured semantic model which can be deployed instantly.

FAIR Data Station (FDS) - Extend your FDP and enable your data to be visited by various internal or external data interaction mechanisms. Enforce data access to well defined license conditions. Available as bespoke development.

FAIR Evaluator - Evaluate your data on the level of FAIRness, for both metadata and data. Get suggestions for improvement where needed. Then make your data available via a FAIR Solutions FDP or FDS.

FAIR Data Stewardship Wizard - An interactive solution for preparing FAIR Data Management Plans (FDMPs). Create your plan using available questions, hints, multimedia contents and external resources. In collaboration with our partner Codevence.


FAIR Technology Consulting - Looking to implement FAIR to address your data findability and interoperability challenges? We have unique experience to guide you to the most efficient way of ‘upgrading’ your data infrastructure to FAIR.

FAIR Technology Development - Customize your inhouse applications, FDPs and FDS and realise a FAIR infrastructure that meets your specific requirements in terms of findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability.

Metadata and Data Modeling - Implementing FAIR requires the use of proper semantics to help machines to understand what we mean. Conceptual models, ontologies, metadata schema and semantic data models are an intrinsic part of the FAIR approach. We offer metadata and data modeling services from world leading experts to help model your data and learn you how to do this independently. 

Strategy and Partnerships

Strategically, FAIR Solutions contributes to the development of the Internet of FAIR Data & Services (IFDS) as a common environment for data-driven research and innovation leading to more effective data analysis and usage. To facilitate coherence and avoid reinventing of wheels we are a member of the GO FAIR service provider consortium

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