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FAIR Onboarding

Adopting FAIR goes beyond technology. Getting people involved is essential: from business and IT to end users. We enable your entire organisation to become FAIR-minded using a proven, eLearning-powered onboarding approach.

We provide training to your staff involved in managing or developing the FAIR infrastructure.Topics include semantic modelling, Linked Data, data stewardship and FAIR platform installation and maintenance. 

The FAIR eLearning platform provides interactive lessons on a wide range of topics. It enables rapid knowledge and skills building of key staff which can easily scale to large groups. 

A FAIR value workshop is a hands-on, tailored event to experience the value of FAIR data. It uses your data and use cases to demonstrate the impact of FAIR data to all stakeholders within your organisation. 

A FAIR awareness event provides an introduction to a broad audience on how FAIR data is implemented and its impact as demonstrated through relevant examples. This can be tailored to your needs and context.

FAIR awareness event

Becoming FAIR starts with raising awareness within your organisation. This 1 to 2-hour event helps to achieve this. It covers the following topics:


  1. The vision of FAIR Data.

  2. The impact of 'unFAIR' data.

  3. The FAIR Principles.

  4. A FAIR data (visiting) infrastructure.

  5. Becoming FAIR.  


We will work closely with you in preparing for the event and potential post-event actions. We will tailor the event to your specific needs and context.

FAIR value workshop

Before starting a FAIR implementation it is important to demonstrate the value of FAIR to the entire organisation. It consists of the following stages:

  • Decision maker buy-in  Engage with relevant decision makers on FAIR objectives and select key use case.

  • Prepare use case – Work with technical/IT staff and end users to create the use case demonstration .  

  • FAIR value workshop (2 hours) – Interactive session with all stakeholders on the value of FAIR with use case demo. 

We will work closely together with you to ensure a successful outcome of the workshop.


A key enabler for a rapid and scalable onboarding is a flexible eLearning environment where a full course on FAIR is already available. Some of the course already available include:


  1. The FAIR principles in detail.

  2. Semantic Interoperability.

  3. Ontology engineering.

  4. Linked data and the semantic web.

  5. The FAIRification workflow.  


We can quickly develop specific training if needed and collaborate closely with clients to add new courses.

Training & Support

We provide training and support services, which are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Where needed, we work with partners to develop a client-specific training program.


During a project we provide training on the job, in particular for configuring and managing the FAIR Data platform. For on premises installations we provide separate platform support services.

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