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Ready-to-use FAIR Data Point

We have an operational, open source FAIR Data Point that can be deployed in your environment quickly and is also available as a cloud service. The implementation is non-invasive and we get you up and running quickly.

FAIR Data Point (FDP)

The External Interface connects to the existing data infrastructure to provide the FAIR functionality. We support many open standards like SPARQL for querying. In certain cases specific interfaces may need to be developed.

The access control function determines who has access to (parts of) the  metadata. Often high level metadata is available for everyone (for findability). It also manages who can add or edit the metadata records.

The metadata provider is the responsible for serving the stored metadata records that are linked to the original data. It is in essence the component that enables all FAIR interactions.

The metadata store contains the  FAIR, machine readable metadata. These comply to FAIR metadata models that represent the data model of the original data. Once developed these models can be reused.  

Implementation options

Our FAIR Data Point is available in three implementation options, depending on your preferences.

On Premises

Installed in your own environment, providing you with a self-managed solution that gives you full control over the FDP.

Maximise control of the FDP and level of security complianc


A cloud-based service, managed by FAIR Solutions, providing a hassle-free, turnkey solution without the need for any IT resources.

Minimise IT costs and get automatic FDP updates

Self-Managed Cloud

A cloud-based service that offers you the combination of a turn-key solution with the level of control of a self-managed FDP.

Minimise IT costs and get automatic  updates with full control

Implemented to fit your needs

We will collaborate closely with you to implement the FAIR Data Point to fit your needs. We start with a requirements analysis, develop the FAIR data model, install the FAIR Data Point and integrate it to your data infrastructure. 

Getting everyone on board

Implementing FAIR goes beyond technology. It's about getting everyone on board: from management and IT staff to everyday users. We guide your team toward a FAIR-focused mindset with a practical, eLearning-based introduction approach.

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